Automation and visualisation of a boiler house (Talsi Town)

Used visualization program: based on General Electric Cimplicity PE.

heating 03 1

The automation of a boiler house in Talsi Town is based upon the PLC Siemens 200 series, controllers Danfoss ECL 200/300 series, and Vacon frequency transformers. The visualisation system is based upon the SCADA-package CIMPLICITY PE from General Electric. The visualisation makes for easy monitoring of the entire system, recording analogue data in the archives, outputting such data in the form of diagrams, and also maintaining the journal of events and emergency situations.



heating 03 2

For making the system more convenient for its users, remote monitoring of the boiler house via Internet is provided for. Besides, for drawing up reports on the journal of events, and outputting analogue data in the form of diagrams or tables, a separate ReportMaker application is used. The said application is connected with the visualisation system's database according to TCP/IP protocol, and does not interfere with the visualisation system's operation.


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