Automation and visualization (SCADA) in the basins for making and processing the timber (JSC Latvijas Finieris)

Used controller: based on Tiny Tiger (Wilke Technology GmbH).

Used visualization program: based on Visual Basic .

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This technology concerns timber processing in basins that were specially warmed up. Their temperature should maintained between 45° C and 65° C. There are 27 such basins on the territory of this timber factory. They are situated in radius of approximately 1 kilometre.


Technical solution of basin temperature control.

Digitally processed thermometers are used for temperature measuring. These thermometers were made using microscheme of Dallass Semiconductor DS 1621. The sensors are connected to the removable controllers made with using TINY TIGER. Exchange of information between DS-1621 and controller is being done thanks to I2C protocol.

There are 9 such sensors connected to each removable controller. Be aware that each sensor is not connected to the controller, but is connected to the common 4-wires line. This results in significant economy of costs for wires assembly and simplicity of controller structure. The removable controllers are connected with a basic controller, which was also made based on TINY TIGER. Exchange of information between the basic controller and the removable controllers is executed with help from RS-485 interface. The basic controller is connected to the computer with the second RS-485 interface.

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Programme used for process visualization is made basing on Visual Basic. This programme records in graphs and tables all the data about temperature of the basins, archivating and protocols the data for selected period of time. Above all, it is possible to set the minimum and maximum temperature for each basin. If the temperature appears to be beyond this range, a alarm massage will be shown in the computer and basic controller. This computer programme allows fixing the responsible operator of definite time period.


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