The control of artesian wells, reservoirs and fire-fighting system in underground gas storage (A/S Latvijas Gaze)

Used controller: Siemens Simatic S7-200 un Unitronic M90.

Used visualization program: Wonderware InTouch (SCADA).

This system is meant for control of the equipment in underground gas storage in Incukalns, joint-stock company Latvijas Gaze.


The pumps of water reservoirs (basins, sensors and valves), fire-fighting systems and artesian well ¹ 1 are connected sprightly to controller Siemens Simatic S7-2000, or via extension modules EM221 and EM235. Communication with artesian wells is provided by Siemens GSM modem MC35T.

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For control of artesian wells ¹ 2 and ¹ 3, are being used Unitronic M90 controllers that periodically intercommunicate with the master controller via Simens GSM modem MC 35T. Mobile network channels are also suitable for sending emergency signals to correspondent GSM numbers.

Adding communication processor CPU 243-1 Ethernet to controller system provides link with Ethernet network. But information exchange between processor and existing LAN network is provided via converter from twisted pair to MINI- OTDE (BFOC).

The maintenance of data about equipment status changes and archiving of working regimes is carried out by a computer and visualisation program that is made on the basis of Wonderware InTouch. This system also assures the control of an existing object.

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Visualisation system has the following facilities:




  1. Choose one from the below mentioned working modes:
  • Regulation of artesian wells and basins in manual mode or automatically;
  • Regulation of fire fighting pumps manually or automatically;
  • Programming mode that helps to adjust working time of the pumps and the value of nominal water pressure in the system.
  1. Alarm signals and its archiving:
    1. Inundation;
    2. Doors are opened;
    3. Pump protection;
    4. Power unit (UPS);
    5. Input equipment;
    6. GSM modem;
  2. Archiving of process data;


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