Automation of Potable Water Preparation Station in the town of Malta. (The city of Malta)

Used controller: Fatek .

Used visualization program: Panel Weintek MT8070 + EasyBuilder 8000 bāzes.

Task of the project: automate the process of preparation of potable water in the town of Malta.

Goal of the project:

The water preparation process consists of pumping of water into a tank from a bore-well. From the tank water goes through purification filters and iron removal station and is supplied to the city. The controller software enables full automation this process. 

The presence of the operator is required only to eliminate defects in devices. In such a case the controller sends an SMS announcement to the person on duty.

Task algorithm.

A pump with frequency regulator (P101) is immersed into a well, supplies water through a reactor (R1010) and filters (F201 or F202), and fills the tank. Analogue level sensor LT301 4-20mA registers the level in the tank (0-5m) and determines the amount of revolution for the frequency regulator of the pump (the higher the level, the lower the revolution).

Pump (P101) switches off, when:

  1. The tank is filled;
  2. The filters are being washed, provided there is enough water in the tank to wash filters.

Pump (P101) emergency switching off occurs in following cases:

  1. The water level in the tank is above the norm - level sensor LT303 reacts;
  2. The water level in the well is too low - analog level sensor LT101 4-20mA measurements;
  3. There is an emergency pressure at the exit of the pump P101 - pressure sensor PT101 4-20mA 0-6bar measurements.

Air valve G101 opens at the same time as the pump P101 is turned on. Washing of the filters is determined by the filter itself (F101 and F102). During washing of one of the filters, the washing of the other filter is delayed until the process of washing the firs filter is finished.

Fragments of visualization program.

water 04 1
water 04 2
water 04 3
water 04 4












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