Tourist carriage transmigration by rope way (Sigulda city)

Used controller: FESTO FC440/FC660 un Schneider Electric TWIDO.

This automatization provides air-carriage (rope way) traffic in Sigulda, a place with large tourist attendance.

The rope way is used for carrying tourists and introducing them with beautiful views in Sigulda. The carriage in its way, approaching stations In Sigulda and Krimulda, slows down its speed (the ease down starts 50 m before the station), and automatically stops reaching station. Control operations can be implemented from the control panel in the carriage, but it also can be carried out from station in Sigulda.

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Cable movement is realized by 60kW engine, which is navigated by frequency inverter (Danfoss, VLT5072), and inverter is connected with a FESTO controller (PLC) FC 660. Thus, responding to analogue signals in controller transmigration of the carriage with appropriate speed is assured. Controller's program concludes the speed of the carriage, depending on working regime and the position of the carriage in the route. Information about the position of the carriage is received from the encoder, which is connected with cable's driving axle. Controllers are placed in stations and also in the carriage. Communication between them is provided with LAN Ethernet modem (frequency of data transmission- 900MHz). If communication is severed, the Carriage stops, in order to avoid accident situations

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In both stations sensors for working and emergency brakes are located. Working brakes come into the action due to the signal of optic sensor, but emergency brakes- due to the position of emergency switch. Such combination of sensors and its connection with the controllers assures safe braking.

As additional element of safety, usage of alternative controller (Schneider Electric "TWIDO") for parallel accountancy of carriage coordination should be mentioned. In case coordinates have any contradictions, carriage is automatically stopped and, thus, two independent systems control the movement of the carriage and that slightly increases safety.


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The carriage could be stopped in every point of the cableway, e.g., in bungee jumping area between both stations.


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