The automation of the juice pasteurisation line (JSC Rigas Piensaimnieks)

Used controller: Mitsubishi Alpha, Honeywell - DCP100.

The aim of the improvement - the facility to choose previously programmed regime of juice pasteurisation (that is the package of the regulation parameters). There were made changes in the original Tetra Pak automatic.

Each pasteurisation regime is defined using 3 parameters:

  • Temperature of the pasteurisation.
  • Temperature of the circulation valve reaction.
  • Speed of the product flow (that means defined with frequency transormer).

There was used the Honeywell - DCP100 regulator with 4 - 20 mA that enables to choose one of 8 previously installed regulation programs using the digital entrance. Mitsubishi Alpha controller commutes the execution sequence of these 8 programs.


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