The automation of the macaroni line in the enterprise Lantmannen AXA (Kiev- Ukraine)

Used controller: Siemens Simatic S7-3172 PN/DP .

Used visualization program: Siemens WinCC.

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Vadības sistēma

Vadības sistēmai ir 5 sakaru kanāli ar vadības elementiem:




  1. The control system

    The control system has 5 channels of the connections with the control elements:

    1. The central control cabinet - PLC (is located in the PLC cabinet) The inputs and outputs are closed to it with the electric control cabinet, including the control of the electric motor and the control of the automation elements.
    2. The control channel of the frequency transformer on the interface "Profibus DP".
    3. The channel of the periphery division - AS - interface (through DP/AS) transformer. The modules are closed to it, which conduct the electromagnetic valves and collect the information about the state of the level sensors, cutting and end switches.
    4. The channel of the connection with the system of the visualization and with the control system - the Ethernet interface between the controller and computer.
    5. The channel of the connection with the scales - on the bases of the communication processor CP-341.

The followings devices are included in the PC set: the server, the operator station, the router and the auxiliary devices.

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The technology of the production

The production consists of the followings technological functions:

  1. The loading of the raw materials
  2. The preparation of the mixture
  3. The crushing of the raw materials
  4. The feeding of the mixture to line of the macaroni


The structure of the control system

The control system of the technological process has the following structure:

  • 66 discrete local inputs
  • 54 discrete local outputs
  • 66 discrete divided inputs
  • 25 discrete divided outputs
  • 5 divided analogous inputs
  • The total number of the inputs/outputs constitutes 211

Taking this into account, the model CPU 317-PN/DP of the controller S7-300 "Siemens-Simatic" was chosen.

For the formation of the computer system, the software batch WinnCC of the Siemens company was used, as well as the operating system Windows. On the basis of the WinCC batch, the programs of the visualization, as well as the programs of the production control are developed. 

The structure of the Ethernet network allows to increase the number of the clients (the operator stations) and to connect the remote computers through router, including PLC programmer unit with the purpose of providing the diagnostics of the failures, as well as allows to perform the changes in the programs of the visualization, as well as in the control programs, without being present in the object.


The method of the automation realization


In the panel room there are 3 control cabinets: the Control cabinet (PLC), the commutation cabinet, the engine defense cabinet etc., as well as the frequency transformer cabinet.


All the control cabinets are the production of the "Rittal" company, and they are 2000x1200x500 mm big.


All the electric motors with the power more than 30 kW are connected with the help of the "Softstarter" device.


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