Dosage automation of a mix for manufacture of caramel sweets and zephyr

Used controller: based on Basic Stamp2 (Parallax, Inc) .

Used visualization program: based on  Delphi .

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The given application refers to a preparation of a mix for manufacture of caramel sweets and zephyr. The created devices provide the automatic dosage within the existing production and its interface to the computerized system of the accounting.

On the largest factory in Latvia, JSC Laima, in the manufacturing of sweets were automated seven and in Lithuanian company - three stations of dosage.


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The given controller provides the dosage of different components (water, sugar, different slings), its mixing and delivery to the next phase of manufacturing. The station of dosage Progress is produced in Russia under the licence Klockner (Germany) and equipped with pneumatic valves of the company FESTO. The station consists of 4 couples of pneumatic valves (couple consists of valves of rough and exact dosing), vibrator (for sugar dosing), upper and lower vessels (each for 200 l). The level sensors are in both vessels. In the upper vessel are installed three tensor sensors for the weight fixation. All sensors and executive elements are connected to controller. Accordingly to the prescription that is assigned by the operator successively occurs the dosage of components, mixing and transfer to the next stages of process. Hereto overflow of container is excluded. Having reached the maximum level, the alarm signal will turn on and the appropriate executive devices will lock.

Computer registers each dosage process. There is indicated the stated and really measured mass of each component, as well as the beginning time and dosage duration.

The given controller can be adapted also for other dosage processes.


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