The automation of the mini cheesecake producing line (JSC Rigas Piensaimnieks)

Used controller: Siemens Simatic S7-200.

The glazed mini cheesecake is a cheese compound product of rectangular form (approximately size 4x5x4 cm) that is covered with a chocolate. These products are typical for the Baltic States.

As they are comparatively soft the essential is the matter of its supplying to the packing automatic machine.

The mini cheesecakes are transferred in rows (5-7 mini cheesecakes in one row) on the special line that provides its forming and covering with the chocolate glaze.

The mini cheesecakes from this line are transferred to the manipulator that ensures the correct placing to the packing automatic machine.

To provide the mentioned above the created controller program ensures the following:

  1. The control of manipulator executive mechanism for the mini cheesecake transfer.
  2. The synchronization of the forming and packing line speed.
  3. The mini cheesecake positioning by placing them on the packing line.
  4. The blocking of all machinery in case of the break of any of its parts (forming line, manipulator, packing line).

This solution is related to the glazed mini cheesecake production and packing line blocking if the mini cheesecake suction unit does not remove any mini cheesecake from the manipulator. This problem is essential because the next mini cheesecake is being placed on the remained mini cheesecake and the mini cheesecake supply to the packing line is demolished. The remained mini cheesecake is unsafe from the work safety position. While trying to remove the mini cheesecake, the operator can be traumatized.

We offer the system that consists of optical perceptive and transmitting sensors and converter to solve this problem. The sensors and transformer (it is necessary for converting the suction unit action impulse S7-200 to the needed format) will be connected to the current Siemens Simatic S7-200 controller. The controller program ensure the process and blocking in the following way:

food 17 1

 1. The intermediate position before mini cheesecake receipt. The blocking option control has not started jet.

food 17 2

 2. The mini cheesecake taking, that is stick. The instruction to prepare for the algorithm action start is assigned using the signal that proclaims the suction unit reaction.

food 17 3

3. Observing the Siemens Simatic S7-200 suction unit signal in the controller (transfer to the controller input through converter) there will issued a fact that the mini cheesecake suction process has ended. Algorithm action begins, that means by analysing the signal of the optical perceptive sensor the checking process of mini cheesecake remains on the manipulator start.




food 17 4

 4. The fact that the mini cheesecake suction process has ended is issued following the signal of the main pneumo-cylinder end-switch. The analyse of the optical sensor signal information stops. If any cheesecake remains on the manipulator, the forming and packing line will be blocked. The action will restore by pressing the blocking removal button (additional control button in the control box desk is used).

food 17 5

If the optical sensor signal proclaims that there is not any remains of mini cheesecake, the system action will continue without any changes.






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