Process control of autoclaves (JSC Spilva, Velte Eko Ltd)

Used controller: based on Tiny Tiger (Wilke Technology GmbH) .

Used visualization program: based on Delphi .

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In a process if processing the vegetables it is essential to maintain regime of sterilization correctly (temperature, pressure, duration of sterilization, record of temperature and pressure changes). Correspondence of the given storage term of the prewrapped production (cannel goods in metal or glass jar) depends on the mentioned above.

With this aim was created system that consists of temperature and pressure sensors, controller, large size external displays and computer with visualization program DATU CENTRS. To the system are connected four autoclaves.

The visualization program enables to observe processes in all autoclaves and fix deviances from provisions of technological process at the same time. Technologists manage analyse of the process regularly using program DATU CENTRS.

The application of such system guaranties the quality of products because of continuous control of the process. In case of deviances of the norm there performs action that prohibits the delivery of imperfect products to the market.


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