Automation of Sewage Treatment Plant in Cesvaine (Cesvaine)

Used controller: Fatek.

Used visualization program: PlantVue.

1. Goal of the project- automation of the sewage treatment process in the town of Cesvaine (Latvia).

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2. Stages of the Project

The execution of the project can be divided into following stages:

  • Formation of the technological diagram of the devices (based on the documentation);
  • Development of list of devices to be managed;
  • Preparation of work plan;
  • Structural diagram of the automation;
  • Electrical design (Diagrams of control panel and assembly);
  • Ordering and procuring component parts (management system, sensors, etc.)
  • Algorithm of the management system work;
  • PLC programming (programmable controller "Fatek");
  • SCADA programming (visualization using "PlantVue");
  • Assembly of control board;
  • Testing of the management system before delivery to the Contracting authority;
  • Delivery of the control board to the site;
  • External installation of electrical devices at the site;
  • Testing of the management system at the site;
  • Staff training and submission of project documentation to the Contracting authority;
  • Putting into operation.

3. Technology of the Site

Sewage treatment plant consists of the following components:

  • Central pumping station;
  • Reception point with two crossbars;
  • Compression station for air-feed.
  • 2 tanks with aeration and sludge settlement points;
  • 2 pumping stations for sludge;
  • Presses.
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Fig.1 - Example - Technological diagram of the site

4. Management system

Management system consists of:

  • Computer with installed software package: "Plant Vue" (SCADa)
  • Central station processor - "Fatek"(PLC)
  • Pumping station processor - "Fatek"(PLC)
  • Operator dash-board (option) -"Weintek"
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Fig. 2 - Structural diagram of the management system of the site


Internet and software Router is used to adjust working mode and software, as well as for remote observation. System includes software module to send SMS announcements in case of emergency conditions.

5. Electrical devices

Electrical design is prepared using P-CAD software package.

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Fig. 3 - Illustration of principal diagram for automatics panel;




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Fig. 4 - Illustration of assembly of automatics panel.

6. PLC software

Control software is developed on the basis of WinProladder software.

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Fig. 5 - Illustration of device control algorithm in PLC software.

7. SCADA software

Visualization of the production process and management system is developed on the basis of the "PlantVue" software.

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Figure 6 - Operator station OP1 screen photo - visualization of work at the site;




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Figure 7 - Operator station OP1 screen photo - illustration of the process parameters .


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