Introduction — why automatize?

The main reasons why to waste money on automatization seem simple and plain:

  1. to increase productivity;
  2. to cut prime cost;
  3. to gain continuous quality;
  4. to furnish more information about the subject, i.e., the "fowl" that brings golden eggs.

What problems might occur, which can intrude the implementation of automatization, even if the situation is ready for that:

  1. There is an absence of clear ideas what and how should be automatized, i.e., there is no algorithm.
  2. Obscurity how to keep a balance between requirements, i.e., how to act economical, but not following the principle that avaricious pays twice.

Automatization is usually carried out by a certain company relying on a request of a client, which is called the Control System Integrator, because it bounds automatical elements, programming and technological process in one system. Automatization of processes is carried out due to the following scheme:

automation 01 small

Kas, jāņem vērā, ķeroties klāt automatizācijai?

  1. Vēlams, lai Jūsu objekts atrastos izpildītāja servisa zonā.
  2. Jā ir nepieciešams izpildītāju izvēlēties ārzemēs, tad jānodrošina servisam netālu esošu firma vai speciālists.
  3. Izvairieties iegādāties par lētu cenu novecojušus modeļus, jo tas var radīt nopietnas ekspluatācijas problēmas.
  4. Kontroles sistēmu integratora priekšrocība, salīdzinot ar kontrolieru ražotāju firmas pārstāvi, ir tā, ka kontroles sistēmu integratoram ir lielāka izvēle dažādu alternatīvu automātikas risinājumu izvēlē.

What should be considered before staring the automatization:

  1. Preferably, that your object is placed in service area of the provider.
  2. If the chosen provider is foreign company, the related company or expert is required in service area.
  3. You should avoid of buying cheep out-of-date equipment, because that could cause serious exploitation problems.
  4. The advance of control system integrator compared with PLC manufacturing company representative is that it has wider rage of alternatives in choosing automatization solutions.

General automatization tendencies in different counties should be similar, though, there can be differences in approach, small aspects and motivation.

Could you. Please, briefly describe specification of automatization in your country?

If you do not mind we shall dispose it here.

Specific characters of automatization in Latvia