Programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) with programmed process automation program are central executers of the automation process. There are several stable PLC developing and manufacturing companies in the world. Therefore, question which PLC to choose for automation of certain processes appears quite often.

In this regard, at first it is necessary to acknowledge number and types (digital, analogue) of inputs/outputs, as well as available periphery (operator panels, indication devices etc). If this task is relatively larger then it is important to assess number of PLC's, type of their communications as well as application opportunities of distributed modules.

In fact, PLC of popular companies are with equal options and if any new additional option has been invented for PLC of one company, then after quite a short period of time these options become available in products of other companies, therefore PLC selection quite often is determined by the following collateral factors:

  1. Customer usually chooses PLC of a certain company if products of this company are dominating in equipment of the given object. In such case it is easier for user to handle questions connected with service and maintenance;
  2. Control System Integrator prefers PLC of a certain company, if analogical project, based on this PLC, has been realized before;
  3. Opportunity to receive information about programming of certain PLCs' and other application aspects. It depends from the initiative and competency of the local representatives, as well as from the level of consultation services in the central office of producer/developer;
  4. Flexible price policy. It means, how capable, PLC provider-company is, to offer discounts depending from the order size as well as to offer opportunity of deferred payments by adjusting to financing specifications of the certain project.

Companies that has emerged in the PLC market quite lately try to attract attention with different innovative solutions, however in the classical understanding of PLC they ensure quite narrow spectrum of goods.


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